What we do

Agency Support

Quadland can become your ageny technical partner for your interactive needs.  You keep the client, drive the brand, and maintain the creative.  We will provide the interactive arm your agency needs to deliver the technology your clients want.

Some example interactive development that Quadland can provide your agency include the following:
  • Corporate website
  • Custom Extranet applications that integrate with the client's business processes and keep their customers enaged
  • Social Networks
  • Online marketing analytics
Simply give us the designs you want to build and we'll make your designs work.  When your client needs help maintaining and maturing the product, we will work directly or through your agency to ensure your client's needs are met.

720 W. 5th Street STE B Winston-Salem, NC 27101 | p336.714.7417 f336.714.7418 | quad@quadland.com