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Customer Software Development

Giving your client access to a secure customized area of your website will keep your client secure, up to date, and engaged.
Extranets used to be for large companies such as the banking industry.  Today, extranets are for all types of companies.  Here are just some ideas:
  •  Secure Information Exchange - Emailing sensitive documents can be illegal for healthcare institutions.  It's simply too easy for someone to intercept the email and exploit it.  If your employees email sensitive documents, think of the potential impact on your relationship with your client, other clients, and prospects should someone intercept those documents.  It could be devastating.  Why should your standards be any lower than the healthcare industry.  Quadland meets the HIPPA standards in healthcare and will use that same level of security for you.
  • File Repository - How many times have you and your client lost track of which file is the latest file?  Have you ever lost a previous version that you needed to reference?  Quadland will allow you to keep track of those files in one convenient location.
  • Work Status - Have you ever forgotten to include someone's email address on an email regarding your status?  Maybe you sent the email to the wrong person?  Keeping your client abreast from a single point of access helps keep communication in sync.  With a mere user name and password, all of those that need to be kept up to date can be.
  • Transition Post Engagement - Just because your client is clear when your work is done, doesn't mean they will be clear.  Keeping the information you and your client exchanged in one easily accessible repository, cuts down on wasted time.
  • Reporting - Don't let your client forget the positive impact your work has made.  High level to fine detail reports provide a clear view of your progress.
  • Schedule Integration - Allow your client to schedule time without wasting valuable administrative time.
  • Financials - Would you like to have a convenient access point for your client to see paid and unpaid bills?  Integrating your website with your account receivable software can cut down on time, decrease the number of days bills remain outstanding, and increase your percentage of collected payments.
  • Community - Your website can help your customers communicate with each other.  Often the customer's experiences will help answer other customer's question, provide positive feedback, keep them engaged, and give you a better understanding how your services/products are perceived.
Quadland uses technology to create intuitive customer management solutions that help decrease your attrition and increase your customer loyalty.

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